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aurora-dentalLaser Dentistry

Our diode lasers are used for soft tissues procedures, like treating gum disease and preparing the mouth for a dental crown and teeth whitening. This state of the laser uses directed heat to quickly and comfortably remove disease, decay and damage

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera is the most precise method of diagnosing problems in the mouth. Dr. Wolfe uses the camera to capture images of your mouth from the inside; it then transfers them to the in-room computer screen where they can be evaluated. The intraoral camera allows Dr. Wolfe and his Summit Smiles Dental team to accurately determine what, if any, course of treatment is necessary to maintain oral health.

Digital X-rays

At Summit Smiles we use a digital x-ray system to reduce risk associated with traditional x-rays. The system works by recording pictures of your mouth and displaying them on a screen where they can be viewed by both you and Dr. Wolfe, almost immediately.